Very Trumpy Florida Congressman May Move to Alabama to Run Against Doug Jones

May God help the people of Alabama. Doug Jones will be their first step to becoming a liberal downtrodden, crime ridden, Godless, bankrupted hell hole like the many other cities and states where liberal are in power for too long. Who knows, I guess if they’re lucky, Doug will make it a sanctuary state, and take down Alabama even faster.

Meet Doug Jones, Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25 years.. young U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of alabama named doug jones took the case.. Alabama on May 6, 2002..

President Donald Trump tweeted congratulations to Democrat Doug Jones on his stunning victory in Tuesday night’s alabama senate race, adding Republicans would soon have a shot at winning the seat.

Very trumpy florida congressman May Move to Alabama to Run Against Doug Jones By Ed Kilgore Rep. Matt Gaetz, who may be too weird for his home state of Florida.

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Andrew Gillum launches massive voter registration campaign to turn Florida blue – Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Andrew Gillum is launching a massive voter registration effort aimed at ensuring that President Trump doesn’t win Florida again in 2020 and to give Democrats a decisive edge in a state where elections are often 50-50 splits.

In a shift from his previous approach, Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate running against Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race, has released a pair of videos calling Moore an "abuser" and.

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Can Sen. Doug Jones Do It Again In deep red alabama? NEWS POLITICS. which tracks votes in Congress, Jones has voted against Trump. last month that Moore’s entry into the race would mean the "incredible gains that we have made during my Presidency may be lost, " a reference to the.

2019-04-04  · Florida congressman Matt. Very Trumpy Florida Congressman May Move to Alabama to Run Against Doug Jones.. It was a Fake Poll by two very bad and.

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones Wins US Senate Race, Blow To Trump The Democratic victory in the most contentious US election of 2017, and in one of the reddest of deep South states, marks a bitter.

Contributions flooded into a political committee seeking to ban possession and sale of assault weapons in Florida, may see future as student. to move forward.