The Many Wives of Ernest Hemingway

Hadley Richardson, Pauline Pfeiffer, Martha Gellhorn, Mary Welsh; Ernest Hemingway’s wives were four extraordinary women. Author Naomi Wood on the four Mrs. Hemingways. From the beginning of his first marriage, Ernest Hemingway was never without a partner, and Hemingway’s wives were four extraordinary women.

Ernest Hemingway was raised as a Congregationalist and converted to Roman Catholicism for the sake of his second wife, but many people feel that at heart he was an atheist.

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Ernest Hemingway was married to four different women, for forty years of his life. Three of them were the author’s mistress before becoming his wife. A fictionalised profile of the Nobel prize.

Its purpose is to provide genealogical data on the more recognized members of the Hemingway family. Full dates of birth, death, and marriage are included. If you wish to delve deeper into Hemingway genealogy, consult the 1988 book, The Hemingways: Past & Present and Allied Families by Patricia S. Hemingway.

Ernest and Pauline divorced in 1940, Hemingway took up residence in Cuba with his third wife, Martha Gellhorn. He continued to visit Key West during the 40’s and 50’s until death in 1961. Throughout the years, Key West has been home to many writers and artists, but none whose presence and influence is as profound as Ernest Hemingway’s.

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