The anyone-but-Trump vote

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New polling from ABC-Washington Post shows Democrats haven’t yet settled on a 2020 favorite, nor have independents, but they do have a selection in common with about a third of Republicans: anyone but Donald Trump. The poll didn’t quite go so far as to query the pairing of Trump vs. Lukewarm Omelet, but it did show that [.]

Fro Republicans, the primary boils down to three issues. took to the Livingston Daily’s letters page to call for an anyone-but-Trump vote. And that was before Thursday GOP debate in downtown.

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The article went on to discuss some of the questionable claims trump has made throughout his presidency, including his assertion that he lost the popular vote was because of illegal voters, his.

 · The orlando sentinel offered the paper’s official 2020 presidential endorsement Tuesday ahead of President Trump’s campaign kickoff within the city. The paper’s endorsement? Anyone but Mr.

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There are now 90 answers to this question including this one. I’ll add mine in hopes of getting more people to read the idea. I like Bernie a whole lot. I also like Elizabeth Warren. And uncle joe biden. And my own Congressman, Eric Swalwell. And.

Everywhere throughout Britain, the vote to stay in the European Union was strongest. But it’s fueled far more than that: Years before anyone but Trump himself contemplated a Trump candidacy, much.

Progressives at Netroots say this year, it’s anyone but Trump.. "If you live in a swing state you cannot vote for a third-party candidate," Reyes said. "I think there were a lot of voices.

Early polling shows America’s choice for 2020: anyone but Trump.. In the actual election, Obama collected 51 percent of the vote, while 47 percent swung to Mitt Romney. In other words, the.

Essentially, instead of Trump and Amash splitting the Republican vote, Biden and Amash end up splitting the "Anyone But Trump" vote. Amash, who represents the Grand Rapids area in Congress, basically reduces Biden’s lead if he’s on the ballot: In a traditional head-to-head match-up, Biden led Trump by 12 percentage points, but the lead.