Study: Millennial women more likely to be in debt than men

The study also canvased senior executives in firms who. and 39 percent were driven by a "burning desire to work for myself." Women are more likely to found startups than men (57 percent versus 43.

 · Consumers paving the way for non-traditional care models (graphic: Business Wire) February 12, 2019 07:25 AM Eastern Standard Time ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unsatisfied with healthcare’s status quo, millennial and Gen Z consumers in the U.S. are paving the way for non-traditional care models, such as retail clinics, virtual and digital services, according to results of an.

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Among Millennials ages 21 to 36 in 2017, women are 7 percentage points more likely than men to have finished at least a bachelor’s degree (36% vs. 29%). Back when Silents were ages 21 to 36, women were 6 points less likely than men to have finished at least four years of college education.

A recent survey finds work is leading some 95 percent of Indian millennials to admit to being more stressed out than their worldwide. face the highest risk of suicide with women at greater risk.

Men are looking at holiday expenses that average $1,428, while women only expect to shell out $786. Millennials plan to put about $1,400 towards the holidays – approximately $500 more than Boomers.

For example, while women are attending college and earning degrees at greater rates than men, their degrees are far more likely to be economically useless. Those useless college degrees naturally fail to result in higher levels of pay and women are left trying to service higher levels of debt at middling or low pay scales.

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A new study from the Pew Research Center, however, cuts through all the chatter. It turns out, going to college still pays. And despite the bloated price of a degree (which continues to rise faster.

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Millennial women aged 25-34 are considerably more likely than millennial men of the same age range to have a bachelor’s degree or higher (36.3 percent compared with 28.3 percent). This difference between millennial women’s and men’s education is much larger than the difference between women and men overall (29.7 percent of women and 29.5 percent of men overall have a bachelor’s degree or higher).