South Florida’s high cybercrime rate requires strategic response

unemployment rate in Florida and nationwide. The state’s positive economic outlook and abundance of data-driven systems make it an attractive target for cybercrime. Florida is currently third in the nation for cybercrime incidents, victims, and losses reported to the FBI. Cybersecurity will continue to shape the agenda in the IT

Secureworks has been tracking cybercrime activity for more than 10 years and, as we monitor this activity to protect our clients, we collect a large amount of data on both the criminals and their infrastructure and systems. This annual report presents an overview of the cybercrime landscape and trends we observed primarily from

With the public disclosure that hackers gained access to 1 billion yahoo user accounts and increasing evidence of Russia’s involvement in hacking aspects of the U.S. election, the public has heightened concerns that cybercrime is undermining public safety and national security. The real problem, however, is much closer to home.

The negotiations were extended through Sunday as officials race to reach a deal ahead of a deadline next week when US duty rates are due to rise sharply. – AFP February 19, 2019 South. billion of.

Friday, August 30 2019: Arrest, Release, Repeat: How police and jails are misused to respond to social problems, Prison Policy Initiative. August, 2019. "Our analysis confirms that people who are repeatedly arrested and jailed are arrested for lower-level offenses, have unmet medical and mental health needs, and are economically marginalized."

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Open & Back Doors: Why Cyber Crime is a Growing Threat | Dorothy Denning | TEDxSantaCatalinaSchool SMART, FAST, INTERCONNECTED WEAPONS In multi-domain operations, the Army anticipates that Soldiers will be attacked from land, sea, air, cyber and. security and strategic studies. Wins also holds.

This paper proposes a practical definition of cyber crime, which is linked to the impact of technology on modes of criminal offending. Victimology and impediments to cyber crime reporting are outlined. The common law model of criminal justice is surveyed, with a focus on the effect of both law and technology on policing cyber crime globally.

The Florida State Legislature established the Agency for State Technology (AST) in July 2014. Included in the legislation was the requirement for AST to submit an initial statewide IT security strategic plan by February 1, 2015, and annually thereafter. Developing and socializing this security plan was a top priority for AST and its newly

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