Roaches And Leaks: Inspections Reveal Shocking Conditions Of US-Funded Housing

Health and safety inspection scores at taxpayer-funded apartments assigned to low-income tenants have been declining for years, typically with no serious consequences for landlords, an Associated Press analysis of federal housing data shows.

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Officials said the city’s housing authority used "every trick in the book to conceal building violations from federal inspectors," but HUD inspection records suggest there’s more to the story. For months, federal housing officials and prosecutors have alleged that the New York City Housing Authority misled them about conditions, rendering federal oversight ineffective as conditions worsened.

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Roaches And leaks: inspections reveal Shocking Conditions Of US-Funded Housing . By Jeff Donn and HOLBROOK MOHR | April 9, 2019 9:06 am . Masthead Masthead. Editor & Publisher:

By law, rental properties will not meet this standards if any of the following are present: bugs, mice, or rats, (unless the landlord is conducting a routine inspection and extermination program; internal plumbing that does not work or a back-up of sewage caused by a faulty septic or sewage system; bad wiring, such as exposed wires, the wrong connectors, bad switches or outlets, or other conditions that create a danger of electrical shock or fire; leaking roof or walls; falling plaster from.

A universal basic income, in today’s economic conditions, would not replace state-funded medical care or support for the disabled. In a hundred years, if we avoid global disaster and we end human population growth, and if medicine advances so far that no treatment is very expensive, that may change.

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