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The most common cause of blisters on toes and feet is friction. They tend to develop when walking or running long distances or when wearing new or poor-fitting shoes (too tight or too loose) which rubs on the skin, causing fluid to accumulate under the top layer of skin.

A 64-year-old woman, with no prior medical history, complained of sudden onset of severe vertigo and vomiting, without headache. Her initial blood pressure in the emergency department (ED) was 170/90 (at about 4:00 PM). Physical examination was limited because the patient’s vertigo dramatically worsened when she opened her eyes.

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A client with a history of diabetes presents to the emergency department following several days of polyuria and polydipsia with nausea/vomiting. On admission, the client labs show a blood glucose level of 480 mg/dL and bicarbonate level of 7.8 mEq/dL. The nurse suspects the client has diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Could hurricane season add to the growing inventory crisis in the US? Add in infrastructure-dams, levees, culverts, and other infrastructure meant to deal with rising water-that was designed for the climate of the 20th century and not the supercharged one of today, coupled with more people living in harm’s way, and you have a recipe for natural disaster.

We asked Stuff journalists and our network of travel writers to tell us. climb the stairs to the central plaza. Then a man will suddenly appear beside them "Sir, there is s. on your shoe!". The.

 · Nausea and vomiting can often be the first sign of pregnancy. It can begin as early as two weeks following gestation. According to researchers, more than half of all pregnant women will experience morning sickness. nausea can intensify during.

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Since action sports began rising more rapidly in popularity around the world, shoe company giant DC Shoes has ruled the streets. DC Shoe Co. has been around since 1994 and has been developing state-of.

“We were laughing and talking, and he went in front of me, and all of a sudden. thing to walk in their shoes, said the director of donor family services and community outreach at Gift of Hope Organ.

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