Mortgage Fraud

Truth about Mortgage Loan FraudsMortgage loan fraud can be divided into two broad categories: fraud for property and fraud for profit. Fraud for property generally involves material misrepresentation or omission of information with the intent to deceive or mislead a lender into extending credit that would likely not be offered if the true facts were known.

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Loading She said the fraud had turned their lives upside down. "It’s life-changing and shattering on so many different levels.

Earlier this year, Squires pleaded guilty to counts of fraud, theft, forgery and breach of trust. She submitted fraudulent.

The most common industry professional mortgage fraud scams are air loan and appraisal fraud. The air loan is a loan obtained on a nonexistent property or for a nonexistent borrower. A group of.

This is tax fraud, bank fraud (and likely insurance fraud. We compared the tax records with loan records that became.

Mortgage fraud occurs when borrowers overstate their income levels. Borrowers are motivated to commit mortgage fraud in order to purchase a house or maintain ownership of one. Income gets misrepresented when the borrower would not qualify or receive the higher mortgage they need. Non-Owner Occupant Claiming Occupancy

Mortgage fraud is rising, with criminals devising new schemes to separate people from their money. A difficult economy has placed many people in dire straits with their mortgages. People who are trying to avoid losing their homes often become desperate, causing them to explore creative financing options.

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What we collectively refer to as mortgage fraud includes various illegal schemes involving some type of misrepresentation or misstatement on mortgage documents. For example, a home buyer, mortgage broker and/or other real estate professional who submits fake W-2 forms or procures an inflated property appraisal has engaged in mortgage fraud.

Thelma Pascua-Suyat, 64, of Maui was sentenced in federal court on Monday to a 3-year 7-month jail term for wire fraud. As.