Invasive flatworm imperils protected Keys snails

Warning sounded over invasive species of worm that has appetite for. of snails, some of which are endangered and protected," said PeerJ,

New Guinea flatworms can potentially consume native snails in Florida, including. New Guinea flatworms are not protected in Florida and the FWC encourages people to remove. The New guinea land planarian, A New Invasive Species.

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The New Guinea flatworm consuming a snail, Photo by Jean-Lou Justine. Platydemus manokwari in Coral Springs. Photo by Makiri sei. invasive alert: New Guinea flatworm New Guinea flatworm Platydemus manokwari Dark brown to black with a grey belly consumes snails, slugs and other inver-tebrates Adults = 40 -65 mm

Platydemus manokwari, the New Guinea flatworm, consumes land snails and thus endangers endemic species. Very flat, it measures 50 mm long and 5 mm wide, the back is a black olive colour with a.

Highly Invasive Snail-Eating Flatworm Species Spotted In U.S.. As far as invasive species go, the New Guinea flatworm (Platydemus manokwari) is among the worst.. One of the notable aspects.

Platydemus manokwari as an invasive species. Native to New Guinea, it was accidentally introduced to the soil of many countries. It was also deliberately introduced into two Pacific islands in an attempt to control an invasion of the Giant East African Snail. It eats a variety of invertebrates including land snails,

The New Guinea flatworm's detrimental impact on biodiversity has earned it a spot. “It is a predator of land snails and of many other soil invertebrates.. senior conservation officer at the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research.. of North America, and a key element of the ecosystems of this region,” he adds.

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Once the invasive flatworms gobble up local snails, they feast on earthworms and slugs. Sometimes they’ll even cannibalize each other. Unsurprisingly, nothing really eats P. manokwari, which is a key reason why it thrives in a variety of habitats. Another is that scientists have not yet developed a successful method for controlling the flatworm

Dr Winsor said the New Guinea terrestrial flatworm, first found in Manokwari, Irian Jaya in 1962, was later introduced to Bugsuk in the Philippines in 1981 and later on to Yokohama, Japan and the Maldives as a biological control agent for the Giant African snail, a crop pest.

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