Flight data recorder recovered from plane that slid into Florida river, NTSB says

The national transportation safety Board posted Tuesday on Twitter about finding the recorder for the Boeing 737 that skidded into the st. johns river after landing at Naval Air Station.

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Several crated dogs and cats were in the cargo hold of a charter flight that slid off a Florida runway and into the St. Johns River on Friday. on Saturday and recovered the aircraft’s "black box".

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The NTSB says it plans to begin interviewing the flight’s crew Saturday. The MD-88 plane is an older model with a digital flight data recorder. That means it will. A study by Boeing found nearly.

He said the animals have yet to be found on the aircraft. Connor says rescuers looked in the cargo area after the plane. the flight data recorder from the chartered jet that ran off a military base.

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A charter plane carrying 143 people and traveling from Cuba to north Florida ended up in a river at the end of a runway Friday night, though no critical injuries or deaths were reported. (5-3-19)

A feature that helps aircraft slow down on landing was broken on a Boeing 737 that skidded into a river in Florida, a top transportation safety official said Sunday. The plane carrying 143 people slid.

Navy divers on Sunday recovered the bodies of two cats and a dog that drowned in the forward cargo area of the Miami air international charter flight that slid off a Florida runway and into the St.

Probe begins after boeing 737 slides off runway into Florida river.. National Transportation Safety Board investigators have recovered an undamaged flight data recorder and it has been sent to Washington for analysis, NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg said at the news conference..

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Landsberg says the plane hit a seawall made. investigators have taken possession of the flight data recorder from the chartered jet that ran off a military base runway and into the St. Johns River.

1:43 NTSB says. to recover it yet since the part of the plane where it’s located is still underwater in the St. Johns River. Investigators also plan to interview the pilots, Landsberg said.

PREVIOUS: NTSB in Jacksonville to investigate Boeing 737 slid. able to recover the flight data recorder, which will give them the airspeed and altitude. Federal investigators say pilots of a.