Did Charlie Crist Cause the Recession?

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2010-04-30  · This morning we spent an hour fielding questions from Fixistas on Gov. Charlie Crist’s political future (if any), the upcoming house special elections and on where >Gordon Brown’s live mic incident earlier this week ranked on the all time political gaffe list.

Charlie Crist was governor of Florida. The recession was starting to hit hard. And President Obama had just won election in a landslide. Obama came to Ft. Myers to talk up his stimulus plan. Crist was grateful for the money. And then, they hugged. The Club for Growth and Marco Rubio campaigns used the photo to tar Crist as an insincere conservative.

When Charlie Crist was Florida's attorney general and preparing to. That brief conversation in Miami would result in Florida becoming, Scott took office in January 2011 when the country and state were mired in recession.

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Florida Representative Charlie Crist is fundraising on the notion that his Republican colleagues in the US House of Representatives have "forgotten" about the 2008 recession, and how "everyday Americans went from middle-class one day to the street the next."

Marco Rubio Leads Charlie Crist in Florida Poll – Florida Governor Charlie Crist is trailing Marco Rubio (left. from progressives after the debate because of her clash with vice president joe Biden "All I did was put out a feeler if he’d like to.. Crist says "guys like Rick Scott" caused recession – YouTube – Democrat Charlie Crist’s campaign isn’t wasting time responding to a.

Both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to Florida voters when they ran for governor in 2005 and 2009 respectively. Crist, however, broke his personal written commitment, by signing more than $2 billion in higher taxes and fees into law. This is the tale of two governors.