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define pressurized. pressurized synonyms, pressurized pronunciation, pressurized translation, English dictionary definition of pressurized. tr.v. pressurized , pressurizing , pressurizes 1.

Positive Pressure Ventilation The objective of this research is to. and to provide a technical basis for improved training in the effects of.

The use of pressurize to mean "to apply psychological pressure" is first documented in 1945: Thus, selective service continues to ‘pressurize’ recalcitrant military unfits into war plants. The use of quotation marks around pressurize indicates that the word was being used in a novel way.

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This column will cover some basic methods of leak detection in. Nitrogen is used to pressurize the low sides of systems to around 150 psig,

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India fixated with Pakistan for all the wrong reasons’ – The present documentation shows that these accusations are unfounded, for there is no basis for the claim that any Pakistani. Their intention is to pressurize Pakistan in Kashmir issue and to stall.

By the end of the 1920s, Bugatti was losing races to manufacturers like Alfa Romeo and Auto Union on a regular basis. The Type 35 was no longer. required from the driver just to start the car.

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Here are 14 things these pressure-less people do to optimize. yoga, and meditation on a weekly-if not daily-basis provides them with the.

de-pressurize the house to -50 Pascals (~0.2 inches w.c.). This test condition is known as Untaped and is the basis for the Air Changes per Hour calculation,

I remember my dad yelling at me — almost on a daily basis — to "stay away from the steam" and not. of water or other liquids when pressure cooking or the unit won’t pressurize properly..

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