An 11-foot alligator was found inside a Clearwater home last night

Photo at the Clearwater Police Department. Clearwater homeowners woke up a huge alligator last night in their kitchen. According to the Clearwater Police, the 11-foot peak predator was found in a home eagles landing Circle West After Breaking through a kitchen window.. The CPD says that a trap was called and the gator was captured and removed from home have not been damaged, but n ot specify.

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Back in May, Clearwater, Fla., resident Mary Wischhusen woke up at around 3:30 a.m. to a crashing sound in her kitchen. To her surprise, she found an 11-foot-long alligator inside her home. The gator.

An 11-foot alligator was trapped after it entered a Clearwater, Florida home through a low kitchen window. The homeowner discovered the gator and called police to have it removed.

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 · Imagine waking up to this! An 11-foot alligator in your kitchen!It happened in Clearwater, Florida, overnight. That’s in the Tampa area. Police say the 11-foot gator broke into the home through.

An alligator measuring 11 feet broke into the home of a resident of Clearwater, Florida on Thursday night through a low window in their kitchen. clearwater police department posted photos of the.

Last month in Sarasota, Florida, another family had a middle-of-the-night encounter with an 11-foot gator. It didn’t break into their kitchen, but it did take a dip in their pool.

 · The 11-foot male gator broke into the Florida home around 3:30 a.m. (CNN) No homeowner wants to be surprised by a break-in, but a 77-year-old Florida woman awakened early Friday morning to find an.

An 11-foot alligator broke through a window, at left, into a Florida family’s kitchen. Clearwater Police Department. The beastly reptile was captured and there were no injuries, the police said. The department shared several photos of the unwanted visitor on Facebook. One shows the gator sticking its head through the broken glass window.