A-Rod to Sell Basquiat as He and J-Lo Begin Collecting as Couple

The baseball star is a long-time collector who is making room in his collection. Alex Rodriguez to Sell Basquiat, Prince Works at Phillips in London. of collecting art on his own, the sale reflects the fact he's starting a. “And in this case, what he chooses to collect and keep will be influenced by his partner.

Then, he went on to acknowledge the side of A-Rod which not many people knew: his passion for collecting art. It would definitely be interesting to see the kind of paintings J-Lo and A-Rod accumulate together, as both of them seem to have an impeccable taste in art.

Alex Rodriguez Starts Collecting as Couple with Jennifer Lopez by Selling His. he states that the reason for selling is to "begin a new collecting journey" with. Pink Elephant with Fire Engine (1984) by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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A-Rod to Sell Basquiat as He and J-Lo Begin Collecting as Couple June 14, 2019 Daily News The americas top stories retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez is parting with two paintings from his collection, which could fetch as much as 5 million pounds (.35 million).

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A-Rod Is Selling Two Paintings Worth An Estimated $6.5M As He And J-Lo Plan To Begin joint art collection. the two to begin collecting art as a couple. A-Rod and J-Lo are "committed as a couple.

Auctions A-Rod Is Selling Basquiat and Richard Prince Works at Phillips to Start a New Collection With Fiance Jennifer Lopez. The star athlete says he’s starting a new chapter as a collector.

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Read the news from March 31, 2017 on the New york post. skip to main. (but he’s a serpentine-snouted wizard whose name begins with “V. J.Lo and A-Rod take their love out to lunch..

A-Rod Beginning A New Art Collection with J-Lo. Rodriguez has undeniably had a lengthy and prosperous career in baseball. But just like many other athletes, he had to retire at some point. He now has a job as a television analyst and also established A-rod Corporation, which has investments in a variety of sectors such as real estate.